Moscow Mules & (Last) Weekend’s RoundUp

Don’t you just love the weekends where you have zero obligations? Because I sure do. With nothing filling up our personal schedules, we were able to sleep in, enjoy the outdoors, and eat lots of seafood ❤

Since I adopted the “no booze during weekdays’ motto, I am making sure that my drinks on the weekend count! On Friday after the gym I decided to make Mascow Mules (recipe can be found at the end)! Some friends came over, I pretended to be a bartender, and then we went out for a few drinks at one of our favorite spots, Malted Barely. Malted Barley has a ton of craft beer, and amazing pretzels with all different sauce sides —> it took everything in my power not to eat one with my favorite pesto sauce!!! And of course I go to a craft beer joint and order a cocktail instead…I think I drank too much beer in college. My drink of choice was the ‘Jamestown Julep’ which consisted of muddled lime and mint, splash of simple syrup, fernet branca, rogue spruce gin, and club soda. Solid Friday I would say.

Saturday morning I was craving a smoothie like nobody’s business, and since we had zero ingredients in the house to make our own, we decided to finally try a place we have been meaning to. ‘Pirates Booty Smoothie’ not only exceeded our expectations, but there was also a little shop attached to it! Of course I had to check it out, and of course I bought something. Came for a smoothie, left with an ASOS kimono. I definitely won at Saturday morning.

We then did some errands, went home and picked up our pup, and headed to the seawall for a walk in the sunshine. After our long walk, we grabbed lunch quickly right on the water (dog friendly!) and I got some amazing fresh Ahi Tuna Tacos. Onyx also got to take a (half) swim in the ocean. Since we got him in September, we weren’t able to take him swimming…but that will change once the water is warm enough for me! It was fun to at least see him get his feet wet.


Sunday consisted of more sleeping in, more walks for Onyx, and of course #SundayFunday. We missed the opportunity to head out on the boat, so instead we decided to go out and have drinks&food in the sunshine…nothing better than that. We ended up staying for 4 hours (whoops), eating lots of seafood, and potentially having one too many drinks. The Bridge Restaurant is one of our favorites, and it’s even better now that the outside deck is open right on the water 🙂

IMG_4034 IMG_4047

I would say our weekend consisted of a nice balance between exercise and eating 🙂

Moscow Mule Recipe:


-Tito’s Gluten Free Vodka

-Soda Water

-Ginger Beer

-Fresh Mint

-Fresh Limes

  • Fill your specialty Moscow Mule mugs (I got mine 2 for $20.00 @ TJ Maxx) with ice ***I like a lot of ice so I fill it completely
  • Poor in soda water so the mug is half full
  • Measure two shots of vodka and pour into mug
  • To add fresh lime juice, place lime in microwave for 30 seconds, this softens the lime to make it easy to squeeze the juice out of ***please be careful, the lime will be pretty hot!
  • Cut lime in half and use the juice of just one half (or the entire lime if you desire)
  • Add a splash of ginger beer on top ***you can play around with how much soda water/vodka/ginger beer you want. I just like less ginger beer in mine
  • separate mint leaves with your fingers and add to top
  • use a slice of lime wedge for garnish
  • I happened to have blueberries and strawberries in my fridge so i decided to add those in as well 
  • Stir your drink with a straw and enjoy!

and Happy Friday! xoxo

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