Memorial Day Weekend

Ahh the feeling of a 3 day weekend. Endless amounts of cookouts to be had, drinks to be drunk, and thanks to be given.

Memorial Day Weekend is always such a fun celebration; with our first taste of summer truly upon us we are able to take the boats out of storage, spend time with family and friends, and have a good time. This year I kicked off MDW with the one and only Food Truck Friday

Before we left to go have a night by the fire with friends, wine, and music, I had to hop on the Carousel to take a ride around because I will secretly never grow up…it was worth the two dollars $$$


Dress: Billabong 

I love weekends where I get to go new places and experience new things and this one was no exception! Saturday I got to experience ‘Gaspee Days’. Gaspee Days is an arts and crafts festival, with over 100 local artisans, I could have easily spent $1,000.00 (luckily for me most vendors only accepted cash!)

IMG_4172 IMG_4157

on the right —> Hat: Coal Headwear, Tank & Skirt: RVCA, Booties:  

There were local artists, jewelry makers, dog accessories and treats, you name it. I had such a fun time walking up and down the street, talking with all of the extremely talented people, and collecting business cards. I will definitely be attending again next year!


I ended up getting a leather jacket at a yard sale we passed on the way for only $7.00 which is such a huge steal! At the arts and crafts festival I got a one of a kind real leather bag that I’m obsessed with, and a gold/quartz necklace that I am equally obsessed with; both crafted by local artists of their respective trades. I also pre ordered Onyx a collar for the 4th of July because I can’t resist buying things for the baby!

IMG_4270 IMG_4272

The rest of the weekend consisted of lots of sunshine, more moscow mules, practicing my golf swing (I’m a pro), too much food, nature walks, and Spring Cleaning.

Hope your weekend was just as good as mine!

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