Tequila, Smoothies, & Starbucks

Friday was rough for me. I got locked out of my car for 30 minutes while I had the little two year old girl I Nanny with me, and then on the way home got pulled over and given a $150.00 ticket for being on my cell phone. Awesome! Needless to say, when 3 PM rolled around and I was able to start my 4 hour road trip back home for the weekend, I was ready. Sipping on my iced soy latte and jamming to TSwift was exactly what I needed to wind down after a stressful day.

The second I arrived I went straight to my best friend’s place, picked him up, and we met or Brazilian Bestie for Tacos and Tequila. I was starving and thinking about that meal all week. It was amazing.

The reason for my trip home this weekend was for some quality family time. My sister just graduated from college (and is already a cute little nurse at age 21), and my brother is leaving next week on military duty and I won’t get to see him again until November (boo). So it was a “Congratulations” and “Good Luck” kinda weekend. My siblings are my best friends, so it was nice to stay at my brother’s apartment all weekend (although my body is not thanking me right now after sleeping on the couch for two nights….I am getting old)

Saturday I woke up and did a little Drink Vermont Beer tour around Burlington. VT has raised my craft beer standards, so I don’t even drink beer while I’m home in RI! My fridge is currently stocked with some of my favorite beer, and I was able to get the boyfriend’s mom a sweet beer package for her Birthday as well (I’m the favorite). We hit up Burlington Beer Co, Switchback, Queen City, Zero Gravity, and Citizen Cider. After I practically had beer for breakfast and lunch, it was nice to meet my parent’s and sisters for dinner downtown!

IMG_4314 IMG_4315

IMG_4326 IMG_4330

Saturday night was awesome. My brother, sister, and I drank champagne at the bro’s apartment, and then went downtown. We only went to one bar and were able to actually sit at the bar and hear each other talk so that was nice. My sister loves the shit out of tequila so we were taking shots of Patron all night —> she paid, with her nursing salary and all 🙂

Sunday my sister and I woke up early, went to breakfast, had smoothies, then got Starbucks and did some shopping before our little sister’s soccer game. We got matching rose gold “coordinates” necklaces with the coordinates of Burlington on them. I told her so that no matter where we go, we will never forget where we come from ❤ We’re cute…I know.


Her graduation party at my parent’s house was at 2. I was able to see some more family, which is why it took me an hour to actually get out of the house to start my journey back home!

Another successful weekend! I am little tired, but my heart is full and happy after being with friends and family all weekend.

And it was so nice to be back in my own bed last night 🙂 ahhhhhh

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