The Girlfriend Is Gone For The Summer…

My bestie is gone for the summer. My best friend, soul mate, other half, partner in crime, and girlfriend is gone for the summer. That sucks. BUT, how could I be mad when she is living in a place with a view like this:

Emily Spain 1   spain-girona

Emily is in Girona…which is in a state (?) called Catalonia…which is in Spain…I’m pretty sure. It would make sense because she told me instead of speaking Spanish, the family she is Nannying for speaks Catalan (which is a language I didn’t even know existed) I swear she is living in a different world!

I’m so proud of her for taking this opportunity to go out there, and am clearly living vicariously through her…she is a brave gal for taking on another culture for three whole months. This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am a bit envious not gonna lie. I hope I can make it out to visit her so we can cause trouble overseas #InternationlLove

Emily spain 2

Our texting time is cut in half which is depressing since she is now six hours ahead of us, but praise jesus for her having an unlimited cell phone plan while she is out there. We have to know everything going on with each other day in and day out…duh! 

Anyway…Emily I miss you already and I hope you have the time of your life! I know you will come back with a beautiful tan, double kissing everyone’s cheeks to greet them, and with a sweet present for your girlfriend 😉 Everyone follow her summer journey at her blog!!!! 


❤ ❤ ❤


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