I’m Over Here Now

You know you killed your weekend when you managed to avoid hangovers, and are in bed at 8:30 PM on Sunday night.

This weekend one of my best friends and favorite humans visited us, and we spent the entire time laughing so hard we cried, eating too much bomb food, and snapchatting our every move, sorry not sorry.

I’m not sure if it’s humanly possible to overdose on seafood, but we may have come close to doing that this weekend…between Saturday lunch and dinner, and Sunday’s breakfast we might be turning into mermaids.

IMG_4624  poo

Saturday we hung out at a friend’s beach house all day, and kept our champagne campaign alive. We went a little overboard with flash tattoos, listened to some good vinyl,  and worked on our tans.

We went home, we got ready for dinner, I burned my hand curling Samantha’s hair —> it was worth it —>, and we met one of our buddies for dinner. And that was quite the experience. Needless to say, I could not even order my entree because I was laughing so hard. The four of us together are way too much fun. The drinks were flowing, and once we couldn’t stop quoting Andrew Dice Clay (don’t judge) I knew we were in for one hell of a night.  “I’m over here now.”

After dinner it was back to the house to wait for our other girlfriend to arrive. It was her birthday on Thursday so we were celebrating and going to head to Foxwood’s for the night so we could win a quick million and buy an island. Chaaaa ching.

By the time we got there, we had already tortured the boys with our “singing” in the back of the car to anything Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, or Miley…at least we were entertaining, right?

Us three divas were all wearing black and thought we were cute showing up to the casino with white roses…when really we kind of looked like we had just left a funeral. We were definitely in our own little world.


By some miracle we all woke up at 8 AM Sunday morning, showered, and went to one of our favorite breakfast spots right on the ocean. It was so refreshing to be able to eat outside in the fresh air and sunshine…I couldn’t help but smile…it was good for the soul. The $25.00 parking ticket I had waiting for me when we got back to the car however, was not good for the soul. I swear I’ve been racking up tickets these days.

IMG_4622 IMG_4623

Last but not least on the list of the weekend ‘to do’ list was to hit up The Fantastic Umbrella Factory.  Which is kind of hard to explain. BUT, it is a Rhode Island landmark and I absolutely love it there..sort of “hippy-ish” which is right up my alley. 🙂 There are cute little shops, farm animals (birds that look like dinosaurs), gorgeous greenhouses, and a random bamboo forrest in the middle of nowhere. Casual. Such a perfect way to end the weekend.

IMG_4592 IMG_4597

I’m so happy I got to spend the weekend with some of my favorite people…whom I am already missing……….(Samantha come back)

I will 100% be laughing all week thinking about all the funny stuff that occurred these past two days. But for now I need to hit the sheets because 6 AM is too close for comfort. XOXO

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