Gorgeous Hair Is The Best Revenge


Gorgeous hair is the best revenge. Am I right ladies?!

A woman’s hair is one of the most important (and telling) features about her. You gain five pounds? As long as you have flawless hair…no one will notice. If your hair is all frizzy and looks like shit…well…then they’re gonna notice.

There are few things better than getting complimented on how great your hair is…and nothing can ruin your day more than having a bad hair day! You know a chick really has her life together when her ‘do is always on point.  Lucky for me, my parents hooked me up with some A+ hair genes >>> shout out to you mama.

I always get asked what products I use, so I figured I would share the love…since these products are so kick ass!!!

product 1

First off, I only wash my hair every four days. I know. I’m blessed. The longer I go without washing/conditioning, the better it looks. I’m gonna skip thanking my mom for that one and just go straight to thanking jesus because when I do have to wash my hair, it is SUCH a process.

However, everyone’s hair/scalp is different…for example, my sister and best friend can’t go a day without washing theirs!

I try to do the first two days with straight hair, and then curl for the last two. If I’m feeling lazy (which I normally am) I just do straight hair for all four days…it’s just easier.

My hairstylist turned me onto the Ion products and now I literally could not live without them. All of their products are 100% Vegan. Having used Ion for the past year or two, I wonder how I ever used anything else. This stuff is magic.

The shampoo I use is for hard water because we have a well water system at our place and I was getting a little too much build up. The conditioner I use is intense moisture, because let’s be real…can you ever have enough moisture in that mane of yours?! The answer is no.

I buy my Ion products at good old Sally’s…and it’s so inexpensive you will feel like you are stealing…

product 3

After the shower I comb my hair out (with a comb people, not a brush), and then use the moisture/detangling spray. After about ten minutes, I make a mixture with about one full pump of the silk elements and then enough of the dermorganic to cover the silk elements. Silk Elements is a heat protecting cream, and Dermorganic is made with argan oil to repair, protect, and shine. I find all of these three products at Sally’s as well.

product 4

I then blow dry my hair (a hot tools hair dryer that I have had since high school and still works like a champ), and then either curl (aka wand because I’m not a real girl and can’t use a real curling iron), or straighten my hair. My hair stylist told me to always buy gold plated hair styling accessories

TIP: To instantly get rid of frizziness and add more shine, I use a dime size amount of the dermaorganic oil and run it through my hair

product 2

Another product I love using on my hair is the Hello Hair Hydrating Mask. Whenever my hair needs a boost (or I’m bored) I use the Hello Hair Mask. I love this product. It smells amazing, is inexpensive, and leaves your hair feeling like silk.  With this product, a little bit goes a lonnnnnng way, so the package lasts longer than you would expect

TIP: seriously don’t use too much of this product or your hair will turn out greasy instead of fabulous!

XOXO *** Hair Flip


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