Cancer The Crab

Tow very important dudes in my life have birthdays this week! How lucky am I to have them all be Cancers? I love Cancers…I think it is such a great sign…but not as great as Virgos of course ūüėČ

They are passionate, love taking care of others (and often times put others before themselves), caring, adaptable, needy (yes you bitch asses are needy!!), emotional, and reserved. Honestly, these boys have hearts of gold. Reliable, understanding, romantic, sensitive, protective, moody, loyal, energetic, nurturing, wise, appreciative, intuitive, and aggressive…how could you not love them?!

Tuesday, June 30th >>>¬†Alex’s 23rd Birthday!


I’m hoping I get to Facetime my brother on his birthday! It’s been a while since we have celebrated his birthday together. In high school and college I would always make it a point¬†to take him out and show him a good time…and more times than not it would result in my guy friends stealing him from me and giving him a hard time (((ie, making him take absinthe shots on his 16th birthday))) Miss you bro and I know you will find a way to have a good time out there!

Wednesday July 1st >>> Blazing Busko’s 28th Birthday!!


I love that Busko is home on vacation…I’m excited to have a dinner celebration for him on Wednesday! Busko grew up with Zach, but over the past four years he has become¬†one of my best friends. I lived with him for a semester my senior year of college, we snowboard with him almost every weekend in the winter, and he’s one of the few people I actually miss when I go a couple weeks without seeing him! We all joke that he is my Vermont boyfriend…and I am A OK with that…Zach too because he gets a little break from me hehe. Busko is the shit though >>> always looking out for his friends, and always down to go on adventures and have a good time. Lucky to have this kid in my corner!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU PUNKS >>> Don’t know what I would do without you two loving, supporting, and protecting me xoxo

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