Red, White, & Booze

My sister says I have been neglecting my fans because I have not posted in so long…and she may be right! Trust me, I have wanted to write…but my schedule lately has been i n s a n e.  Something I have become accustom to these past four summers in Rhode Island, but I’m not gonna lie…it feels damn good to sit down on my couch after a long week and catch up!

I hope your 4th of July weekend was just as good as mine! Honestly, I feel like I have been celebrating for an entire week now! Last Wednesday (July 1) we had a dinner party for our homie Busko (I was responsible for the embarrassing, yet amazing balloons of course). We ate jumbo shrimp cocktail the size of my head, polished off almost 10 bottles of wine (don’t judge, it was Wine Wednesday), and had a kick ass time.

IMG_5278 IMG_5279 IMG_5294

Thursday was our first taste of fireworks! We went out on the boat around sunset to watch the show and enjoy some of our favorite cider from VT…Citizen Cider

Friday :  Probably the most exciting boating adventure I have been on because it was Onyx’s first time ever on a boat! And he loved it! ***Proud Fur Mom moment***

IMG_5362 IMG_5367

Up next…4th of July! Liberty and Liabations.

I love this holiday. Always have. Always will. Every year we go out on the boat as early as possible, cruise to our camp site, set it up, and then have the rest of the day to pop bottles.  We had such a great time this year…fresh shell fish, games, and lots of laughs.

IMG_5423 IMG_5493  IMG_5503 IMG_5505

I was also famous for the day because I unknowingly entered and won a 4th of July VonZipper contest on Instagram! I posted a photo of me at the beach and tagged VonZipper, and next thing I knew I was posted on their page and won $150.00! I should be expecting a dope fresh pair of polarized shades any day now…IMG_5449  IMG_5509

Thanks VZ for always being rad and hooking me up with new shades…and some new Insta followers 😉

I came out of last weekend with a killer tan, and some great memories

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