Every year that T.Swift goes on tour, my sisters and I all get tickets to her show for Christmas. This is our third world tour the four of us have gone to together (my mom goes too!) and one of my favorite traditions we have.  We literally had Christmas in July this year ❤

Four years ago we went to her Speak Now Tour at Centre Bell in Montreal, two years ago we went to her Red Tour at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts (Tom Brady I hate you), and this year was the 1989 Tour back in Montreal. 

1989, what a great year.

This year I headed home to Burlington Sunday (yes the Sunday after July 4th, after spending the entire day at the beach) and didn’t get to my parent’s house until 11 PM. With a 6 AM wake up call the next morning to go to the DMV to get my enhanced drivers license so I could cross the border into Canada (I think it’s about time I renewed my six year expired passport…), I got home, gave hugs and passed the f**k out.

The next day was devoted to DMV, lunch with my Ninnie (grandma), some alone time wandering Burlington (which included shopping, Vermont Juice Company, and some relaxation at the waterfront), and dinner with two of my besties

It is always so hard to see everyone when I am home…but I was pretty happy with this trip.

I had a sleepover with my sisters that night to catch up, gossip, and share our excitement for our T.Swift trip to Montreal the next day.

IMG_5520 IMG_5522

IMG_5521 IMG_5531

Tuesday morning I had zero problem getting out of bed. I knew it was going to be an awesome day. We got through the border no problem, was able to check into our hotel room early, dropped our bags, and walked to lunch. 

My sister and I each had a glass of wine with lunch (which ended up amounting to almost the entire bottle —> our server had a great pour!) before we went back to get ready for the concert.

Another tradition we have is that I do all the girl’s hair and make up…I should have charged them 😉 I did my 11 year old sister first, my mom second, then my 21 year old sister, and then when I was finally sick of it all, I got to do mine! Lol. I actually love doing it, I think it’s so fun! Perhaps I missed my calling.

IMG_5742 IMG_5600

 New Favorite Romper: Sabo Skirt … & Go To Wedges: BP

ANYWAY, yes we went to dinner before the concert, but no one cares about that. 

This year on every seat in the arena there was a glow bracelet that turned on when Taylor came out, and it kept to the beat the entire concert…it was awesome.

Our seats were the closest we had ever been to her (eek!) It’s honestly pretty funny/slightly embarassing how excited I get…the first time I ever saw her perform I cried. No shame. 

I love Taylor. She is actually only three months older than me…I feel like we would be friends. And I also feel like everyone says that haha

My mom, sisters, and I had SUCH a great time.  We sang our hearts out to every word, to every song.

During her concert she gave what felt like heart to heart conversations between her and the 14,000 fans in the crowd. It’s nice that no matter how old you are, you can relate to her…and love the crap out of her too! I love her. My mom loves her. My 11 year old sister loves her. And I think that that is so cool.

IMG_5736 IMG_5699


 We Never Go Out Of Style ^

I took so many videos…I’m surprised my phone did not blow up. Not only are those reminding me of our trip to montreal…but the fact that I left my ENTIRE make up bag in Montreal is also reminding me of it too. Luckily, we stayed at a nice hotel and they found my bag, called me, got my address, and it is on it’s way to me as I write this. I honestly had a panic attack when I thought I had lost that shit forever. I mean…that is hundreds of dollars worth of make up! I already give Sephora enough business ;P 

Can’t wait for the next world tour! And always ready for new Taylor Swift music. #TaylorNation

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    1. I know! Not even joking I was thinking to myself “I have to post mine before Jackie does since I went first!” And got on my computer and had an email about your post 😂 you have been killin it on your blog girlfriend 💁🏻

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