Folk Fest

It’s Thursday and I am still unsure if I have recovered from last weekend or not…

Folk Fest weekend is always one of my favorite weekends of the entire year. Not only do I get to be on a boat all day, sipping champagne, and listening to live music, but every year some of my best friends come to join in on the party and they make the weekend that much better.

Folk Fest is set up at Fort Adams in Newport, Rhode Island and started in 1959.  This music festival is full of great live music and lasts all weekend. Folk Fest is known for discovering stars (such as Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash!), and this year we got to listen to Hozier, James Taylor, and many more.

While a lot of people buy tickets to watch the festival from land, we think the way to go is to bring your boat, anchor down, and enjoy the music while being able to grill your own food, go swimming, and not spend $10.00 on one drink 🙂 It’s a huge party on the water, and more times than not there will be a crowd of people on land staring out at the boats, and I’m sure they are wishing they had done the same.

This year I reeeeeally wanted a float, so naturally I copied TSwift and went out and got a giant swan, which was a huge hit.

IMG_6178 IMG_6193 IMG_6309

Early morning icing: it’s a tradition

Samantha on the left (one of my best friends from high school!), Lauren in the middle (one of my best friends from college!)

Brandon and I on the right in our Brooklyn hats: another tradition. In high school, I was a freshman and he was a senior, and when we met I told him I was from Brooklyn (which I am not) and he believed me for several years after the fact.

We all got so much sun on Saturday (due to perfect weather hehe) so when we got home after being on the boat all day it was lights out for us all.

Another tradition of the weekend is hitting up one of my favorite breakfast spots of all time, Ocean Mist. It is literally on top of the ocean, they have amazing brunch cocktails, and food! There is a champagne drink I get there called Dragon Bubbles that I’m obsessed with. Also consumed were: Tequila Sunrises, Bloody Mary’s (duh), and Irish Coffees.


After brunch we needed to switch our alcohol for caffeine and stopped at another southern RI staple, Dave’s Coffee. Iced almond milk lattes are my saving grace

Brandon got to stay with us an extra night, so we Sunday Funday’d hard.

We headed to Misquamicut and were able to get free parking and free WATER SLIDE rides because our buddy own’s Water Wiz. It was so fun. After we cooled down on the slides, we headed across the street to another beach bar and had some more cocktails and some appetizers.


Monday morning came with exhaustion, a shit ton of laundry and house cleaning, and a 4 pm bartending shift. Awesome. I was sad to drop Brandon off at the train station in Providence the next morning, but looking back at all the pictures from last weekend, my heart is still so full and happy. Nothing makes me happier than when my besties come to visit me.

(EZ, we missed you!!!!!!)



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