Well hey everyone! Guess I just took a quick 7 month blogging break . . . but I’m back!

I feel like I am finally at peace with my new life and routine, so I figured now is a good time to get back to Bellinis To Blooms >>> I have missed it!

These past 7 months have been a roller coaster. I have learned a lot about myself, growing up, and what I want out of life.  I learned that nothing is permanent and you have to do whatever makes you happy.  I chose to leave my old, “safe” life behind and take a chance on something new. I’m proud of myself for taking that step because I know my future self will thank me.

I have moved into my first apartment on my own (in Newport! which I love), went BLONDE, left two jobs (and just got hired Tuesday into a new one!), laughed a lot, cried probably just as much, visited home, visited friends in NYC and NC, celebrated birthdays, been treated like a princess, missed my dog, fallen in love, and realized how amazing my family and friends are.

changes god

The first two months of 2016 were a little tough, but I know for a fact the rest of the year is going to be great.  Happy to be back blogging with y’all!IMG_0001 IMG_0014 IMG_0791 IMG_1692IMG_0822IMG_2684IMG_1542IMG_1326IMG_2808IMG_4172IMG_3485 IMG_4095IMG_1633 IMG_2559




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