Strawberry Banana Overnight Oats

I’ve never been much of a breakfast person (so bad, I know I know) but I had been getting SO hungry during the day that I knew I needed to start eating something in the morning. This breakfast is delicious, satisfying, healthy, and easy to make. I usually make enough for three mornings, and then make more halfway through the week. Sean and I were wondering if we would ever get sick of eating this, and I think my answer is no!



-1 serving Vegan yogurt — I love the SO Delicious non diary yogurts —

-2 Tablespoons almond, soy, coconut, or rice milk — I only ever use almond or coconut —

-1/4 Cup oats, dry

-1 teaspoon chia seeds

-1/4 Cup sliced strawberries

-1/4 Cup sliced banana


-In a mason jar, or container, add yogurt, milk, oats and chia seeds. Use a butter knife to mix everything together, gently and thoroughly


-Add 1/2 of the strawberries and banana slices and gently mix them into the oatmeal mixture

-Top with remaining fruit. Cover and refrigerate overnight


-The next morning, remove the lid, briefly heat in the microwave (20 seconds or so) and enjoy

-I eat mine cold! For some reason I have always hated warm fruit, and I think it is way better cold … try eating it both ways and see which you like better!



I want to recommend another book to you guys! One of my resolutions this year was to read more books, and I have been doing a great job so far…I’ve always loved to read. My friend Jackie told me to read this one too, it’s like we have our own little book club, nerd status. This one is called ‘Leave Your Mark’ by Aliza Licht.


It’s about how to kick butt in your career, everything from your resume to asking for that raise. The second part of the book I loved, it’s all about your personal brand and how to “rock social media.” I really learned a lot! One quote from the book I especially loved;

“Say what you want about social media, but it makes those of us who do it take in the world in a very highly sensitized way.”

^Which is so true. I feel like I’m constantly seeking out pretty things to take pictures of, and thinking of different things I can share with y’all here on bellinistoblooms.

Hope you all have a great Monday!


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