No Bake Almond Butter & Coconut Bites

These bites made for a perfect snack!

Dry Ingredients:

-3/4 Cup unsweetend coconut shreds or flakes

3/4 Cup gluten free rolled oats

-1/4 Cup ground flax seed

-1/4 Cup finely chopped almonds or other vegan add ins (chocolate chips, raisins, etc)

Wet Ingredients:

-3/4 Cup unsalted almond butter

-1/4 Cup pure maple syrup


-In a large bowl mix together all of the dry ingredients: coconut, oats, flaxseed, & almonds. Set aside

-In medium bowl whisk together all of the wet ingredients: almond butter & maple syrup

-Pour wet mixture over dry mixture. Fold together until well incorporated

-Scoop mixture into your hands. Roll & press into bites. If the mixture is a little dry, add in a little more almond butter or maple syrup

So easy! Let me know how yours turn out!



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