Vegan Curry


I’ve been all about posting my lunch recipes lately! This is something I just sort of threw together because I only needed lunch for Thursday/Friday.

I steamed some mushrooms and broccoli (they are both my favorite), and called it a day. I feel like I did not do this curry justice! Next time I make it I feel like it would be better mixed into a stir fry with rice and way more vegetables! I served my curry over baked spaghetti squash but feel free to use zoodles or your favorite (gluten free) pasta ❤

If you are a curry lover you definitely have to try this tasty recipe!

Vegan Curry Ingredients


-6 oz coconut water

-2 Cups cashews

-1 large garlic clove

-1/4 of a large avocado

-2 teaspoons curry powder

-1 teaspoon red chili paste —when I do my grocery shopping I buy everything we need for the week. SO when I found out that red chili paste was extremely spicy, I opted for the sweet red chili sauce instead. I thought this was for a meal for Sean & I & he doesn’t like spicy! I wish I had known! Next time I will try it with the spicier version—

-1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper


-In a food processor, combine all ingredients & blend until the sauce becomes very smooth

That’s it! Mix with your favorite steamed or stir-fried vegetables, rice, pasta, zoodles, or spaghetti squash . . . the possibilities are endless

Vegan Curry Insta


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