Gin & Rosemary Cocktail

I think it’s funny that I like gin so much. If I’m out and decide to get a cocktail, it’s usually a fun gin drink . . . and I think that’s mostly because of what it’s usually paired with it. I often see gin with fresh herbs, grapefruit, and simple ingredients, and that’s what draws me in.

When I was at the liquor store prepping for New Years Eve, I walked past bottles of Hendricks (my favorite gin) and decided to buy a bottle. I only made 1 cocktail on NYE and this bottle will probably last forever, but it’s fun to mix it up sometimes!

Super simple, but I enjoyed it ❤ Feel free to play around with the quantity of each ingredient


-1.5 – 2 shots gin of your choice

-Fresh rosemary

-Fresh lime juice

-Cucumber, 2 – 3 thin slices

-2 – 3 blackberries

-Soda water



-Fill your glass to the top with ice

-Add in your gin (I only used 1.5 shots because I was using a small, rocks glass – use 2 shots for larger drinks)

-Squeeze in desired amount of fresh lime, I used about 1/4 – 1/3 of a lime

-Add cucumber & black berries

-Add 1 sprig of rosemary

-Top with soda water

-Stir or shake to mix everything up & enjoy!

Gin Drink Insta



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