MIL’s Potato Salad

My Mother in law made her potato salad a few weeks ago for a BBQ when my Dad & brother were in town, and everyone (myself included) loved it. When we had our Housewarming / Surprise Gender Reveal Party on Saturday, I made sure I got the recipe from her to make it for our guests. Needless to say, it was a hit!

The key is to stir all of the ingredients together while the potatoes are still warm/hot . . . something I never did before and it makes such a difference. Happy BBQ – ing!

MIL's Potato Salad Insta


-5 pounds red potatoes, chopped into desired sized pieces

-Celery, desired amount, chopped

-Red onion, chopped

-Mayo, desired amount

-Extra virgin olive oil, start with small amounts & keep adjusting to taste

-White vinegar, start with small amount & keep adjusting to taste

-Pink himalayan salt & black pepper


-Wash, cut, & boil potatoes

-Drain & transfer to a large mixing bowl

-Add celery, red onion, mayo, evoo, vinegar, salt, & pepper to bowl while potatoes are still hot/warm

-Let sit until potatoes cool & then refrigerate until ready to eat

-Add more mayo, evoo, vinegar, salt, & pepper as needed

MIL's Potato Salad Insta


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