Thai Tofu Pizza

I have been wanting to make this pizza for months now, and I finally got around to it the other night. I’m almost mad at myself for waiting this long . . . it was so good . . . and easy to make, which I’m loving these days (hello third trimester). Sean loved this one and I have a feeling it’s going to be a new go-to weeknight dinner in our household.

I also wanted to get this recipe out to y’all because tomorrow is my birthday ❤ my best friend is flying in to visit from Arizona, and Saturday is my baby shower so I know I wouldn’t have gotten this one out until mid/late next week ❤ Enjoy!


*I made two pizzas instead of 1 & doubled this recipe*

-1/2 package extra firm tofu, pressed & crumbled or cut into small cubes

-Store bought pizza crust, your choice

-Vegan mozzarella cheeze, I used Miyoko’s Garlic Herb Cheeze Wheel, but homemade is always better – try this recipe

-1/2 Cup broccoli, chopped

-Tomato, chopped

-Green onion, chopped

-Also used fresh, grilled corn, optional ( but not 😉 )

-1 batch Thai Almond Butter Sauce, or store bought


-Preheat oven according to pizza baking directions

-Make your Vegan Mozzarella, if using

-Make your Thai Almond Butter Sauce, if using

-Mix desired amount of Thai Almond Butter Sauce into the tofu & sauté in extra virgin olive oil over medium – high heat until browned, about 5 – 7 minutes

-Spread remaining sauce over pizza crust & top with sautéed tofu, mozzarella, broccoli, tomato, corn (if using), & green onion

-Bake according to pizza crust directions or until cheeze is melted

-Serve hot & fresh out of the oven

Thai Tofu Pizza Insta


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