First Trimester

Sitting down to finally write about my first trimester seems like it was a lifetime ago! I’m 22 weeks today and Baby C is the size of a coconut, and currently rolling around and kicking in my belly. Second trimester is a blessed time . . . first trimester, not so much. I really struggled this time around!

I found out I was pregnant around 3.5 weeks and when week 5 hit, I started to feel absolutely terrible. My energy was zapped, I felt so nauseous, and really could barely function. Henry ate a lot of peanut butter toast and cereal, and we all ate a lot of takeout during those weeks. I cried a lot and felt like the days dragged on forever (probably did not help that we were at the peak of coronavirus quarantine, and we couldn’t leave the house, and no one could come over and help me with Henry). I felt so terrible from morning to night, and wow now writing this out I am so happy to be on the other side of it! Phew.


I wanted to try and help as many Mommas as I could and share the things that helped me survive the first trimester! I saved a ‘First Trimester’ list with links on my Amazon account.

For Nausea + Hydration

Queasy Drops

Basis Clean Hydration Drink When you know it’s important to stay hydrated but you can’t seem to drink regular water


Even Henry got behind the Basis water because that’s all I was drinking 

– I also drank regular old gatorade from time to time (and still do)


These are the vitamins I have been taking since I found out I was pregnant. They are all vegan friendly and well researched


I have been taking this specific one since Fall of 2017 lol We got pregnant with Henry on our honeymoon in February 2018, took it all throughout pregnancy, and then all through breastfeeding, and kept taking it when we stopped nursing in Jan/Feb 2020 because I knew we were going to start trying for Baby #2 at some point soon!


I did not take an iron supplement when I was pregnant with Henry and was anemic. This time around I have been taking it since day 1 and my iron levels are perfect

Prenatal DHA

DHA has been shown to be a critical nutrient for baby’s brain development, and needs are increased from the third trimester through the first two years of life. If you are not plant based you probably do not need to take this as you can find DHA in fish, eggs, and some fortified dairy milks


Choline is a B vitamin-like nutrient that is important for babies’ brain growth. Plant based moms-to-be and breastfeeding moms should aim to consume at least 2 servings of soy foods per day and supplement with about 1/2 the RDA. If you are a soy free, vegan Momma, it would probably be smart to take the full RDA. Besides soy, Choline is also found in eggs, wheat germ, and cruciferous vegetables


Epoch Baobab Body Butter

This lotion is magic. I’ve gone through so much of it. With both of my pregnancies I make sure that my skin, head to toe, is always well moisturized. I didn’t get any stretch marks with Henry so hoping for the same outcome this time! Seriously, you need this stuff.


I know everyone’s cravings/aversions are different during pregnancy but this is what helped me, as a vegan momma, get through. I like to remind Mommas to be that it’s important to not stress over what you are eating during the first trimester. The first trimester is strictly about survival! Of course I felt guilty because I was barely eating fruits and vegetables, but I knew that once the second trimester hit I would get back to eating normally.

-I made this Baked Ziti recipe so many times. I also made a lot of pasta using Jovial foods gluten free pasta and Rao’s tomato sauce

-Avocado toast. Two slices of toasted bread, avocado, nutritional yeast, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and Trader Joe’s everything but the bagel seasoning. Also craved avocado in general so I added it to lots of sandwiches

-A big craving for me was roasted potatoes. I would cut them up and either bake them in the oven or throw them in the air fryer

-Eggs! With both pregnancies I craved (vegan) eggs and ate a lot of them!


Follow your heart vegan egg, Trader Joe’s vegan chorizo, dairy free cheese 

-Probably the thing I ate the most were wraps. Of any kind. It’s pretty much all I wanted to eat! I made this vegan egg salad and this vegan chicken salad so many times

-Amy’s vegan canned soups, miracle noodles, vegan ramen, and cereal for easy meals when I couldn’t function

-Random cravings: hearts of palm, mixed greens with italian dressing (probably the only thing “green” thing I ate), mexican food, chips and salsa

Comfortable Clothes

Luckily during the first trimester we did not go anywhere so I could wear comfy clothes everyday. The first trimester bloating is real. I pretty much lived in biker shorts and oversized tshirts

And that’s pretty much all I could think of! Leave a comment below and let me know if you try any of these recipes/tricks/etc


The picture I posted on social media. 6 weeks here. Mother’s Day. I so wanted to have a good day with my boys. But pretty much only got to come downstairs for photos and to eat. I remember crying several times that day because I was so sad about how sick I was feeling.


The real life photo I took. So bloated and felt so sick. The mess around me reminds me of how little energy I had to clean up . . . or even care about cleaning up

If you’re reading this and are in your first trimester, you got this Momma! ❤


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