Second Trimester

I guess I wasn’t in too much of a hurry to write this post seeing as how I have been in the third trimester for 5 weeks now. But, it makes sense because second trimester is a blessed time. (Usually) you’re over your morning sickness/nausea/food aversions/exhaustion once the second trimester hits. You finally have a cute bump, and ALL the energy. I can confidently say that I miss the second trimester!

Second trimester was a breeze so I don’t have a lot of special things that I needed to help me get by like I did during the first trimester. But here are a few things!


-Lots of bralettes! I love these ones from Amazon for everyday wear, & these ones from Vici Dolls for wearing under cute dresses & tops

Pregnancy pillow to help you sleep at night

Compression socks

For Fun

-A Baby Doppler so you can listen to your sweet baby’s heartbeat from home


-I unfortunately had so many migraines during the second trimester. It was terrible. These are some of the things I used to help with the pain

My friend Meredith helped me find some essential oils to help with the migraine/jaw pain/neck pain so I would definitely recommend trying that out . . . it’s tough when you’re pregnant because you basically can’t take anything for pain relief.

-An ice roller to relieve some of the pressure/pain. I rotated with using ice/heat


I actually love having winter babies. It means I’m not too pregnant during the summer months, & my trimesters kind of line up with eating with the seasons. I was so lucky to be in my second trimester during the summer so I had an endless amount of fresh (local!) fruit & vegetables available to me. It was great. (Because no way I was eating fruit or vegetables during the first trimester!)

I ate a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. Kale salad almost everyday (I love this one from Oh She Glows), I made Plant Based Juniors’ Tofu Frittata Cups a lot, & dairy free yogurt with berries and granola. It was so nice to be able to eat normally again!

And as always during pregnancy, lots of water & made sure to take my vitamins everyday.


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