Third Trimester

It feels funny to be writing this blog post while Calvin lays on my chest . . . he will already be 1 month old tomorrow. I wish I wrote this post when I was pregnant because it would have been funny to look back on. Similar to how you forget the pain of giving birth – it’s hard to remember just how uncomfortable you are during the third trimester. But gosh my belly was so big (which all makes sense now knowing that Calvin weighed close to 9 pounds when he was born and apparently I also had a very big placenta . . . whatever that means)

I was trying to remember the things that helped me survive the third trimester. First trimester is all about battling exhaustion and nausea, second trimester is a blessed time, and third trimester is doing all you can to stay comfortable (which feels nearly impossible at the time).

Hope these little tips and tricks help you Mommas!


Belly band – Since I did not have the luxury of *resting* much during this pregnancy on account of taking care of a toddler all day everyday, one way I was able to get some relief was wearing this belly band. It really helped to take some of the weight of my giant belly off of me and truly felt so supportive. I would wear it when I was outside with Henry, or while cooking/doing stuff around the house

Calf/leg massager – I swear during pregnancy my legs feel like they weigh 500 pounds each and my calves get so sore. Sean had bought this for me partially to be the sweet husband that he is and partially so he wouldn’t have to keep massaging my legs 24/7 😉

Pregnancy massage cushion – Ok. So. I was first introduced to this magical contraption during my pregnancy with Henry. My doula used it for massages and OMG it is a pregnant momma’s dream. You get to lay on it face down! It’s amazing. During this pregnancy I experienced crazy braxton hicks contractions and laying on this would totally alleviate that discomfort. Obviously this is not a necessary item but I found it so nice to have


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I really struggled with pregnancy insomnia. Luckily, I found some tricks that did help me on most nights.

Oil Diffuser – A friend of mine works with doTERRA and helped guide me in this department. I ordered a diffuser and used the serenity oil blend. I would put it in my diffuser every night and also rub 1-2 drops on the bottom of my feet. To do this, you mix the oil with a “carrier oil” like coconut oil or a clean, unscented lotion. This really seemed to help! On the nights I didn’t have the oil on my feet, I could definitely tell a difference. Some people use just lavender oil for a sleep aid but my friend recommended the serenity blend instead since I was having such a hard time with insomnia

Another thing that helped was listening to spa music every night

And something I realized wasn’t helping was I would get in bed at 7:00 every night and lay there relaxing until I went to sleep. So instead, I would force myself to relax in the living room at night. I found that I needed to “reserve” my bed only for sleeping. I was really trying everything I could at that point to help with sleep. I was one tired Momma

Fake It Til Ya Make It

And for all of the times where I didn’t sleep and was just plain tired – these products at least helped me look and feel as if I wasn’t up all night

Nu Skin – Obviously the Lumi (and specifically the under eye attachment) helped wake me up every morning. And the under eye attachment kept my bags at bay. Two other products that I loved during this time were the moisture mist and the ageLOC eye mask


I love to read. Especially about things I am passionate about/things I can learn about. I read pregnancy books throughout the 9 months, but during the third trimester I always find myself reading more (since you’re running out of time at that point)

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

Birthing From Within – I absolutely LOVED this book and I can say it truly helped me achieve the birth I was dreaming of. It taught me the importance of breathing your baby down and the importance of movement during labor. Seriously, I took so much from this book and will probably recommend it forever. And of course it was given to me by my amazing doula

The Kind Mama – Another book I will always recommend. I read it when I was pregnant with Henry and read through it this time around to refresh my memory. I discovered a lot of my favorite, non toxic, clean baby products through her book


Natural Hospital Birth

The First Forty Days – Absolutely love this book. It’s all about the importance of healing after birth and how to achieve it. I try to follow this as closely as possible during the fourth trimester. There’s also great recipes in here and I truly truly love this book. I think every Momma to be should give this a read

Preparing For Birth

These are all things I don’t start until month 9 of pregnancy

Primrose Oil – May help the cervix soften and efface (thin out). Other studies suggest that it can help shorten labor duration

Raspberry Leaf Tea – Many women claim that this tea helps shorten labor. It is known to help tone and tighten muscles in the pelvic area, including the walls of your uterus, which can help make delivery easier

Dates – In one small study, women who ate six dates per day in the month leading up to their due dates had a higher chance of going into labor on their own, and had higher cervical dilation when they were admitted

The last piece of advice I have for the third trimester is to stock up on life! We stocked up on lots and lots of food and essentials so we didn’t have to worry about it once we brought baby home. I love having these tasks to complete too because it takes your mind off of things (especially when it’s your first pregnancy and you don’t have other kids to look after all day to distract you). When I was pregnant with Henry I cooked and froze a lot of meals/vegetable broths. This time, not so much. Do what you can! But your future self will thank you for being prepared


And as always – please feel free to reach out with any questions/help/advice. Or follow my motherhood journey on Instagram @chefkrista

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