Hospital Bag

“It is said that women in labor leave their bodies. . . They travel to the stars to collect the souls of their babies, and return to this world together.”

Such an exciting time in your pregnancy when you finally get to pack your hospital bag! That means it’s almost time to meet your baby! When we went to the hospital to have Henry I’m fairly certain I packed up our entire house. This time I didn’t want to have so much stuff with us, and also learned that you don’t really need much anyway. Bring the essentials and leave the rest at home.

Momma’s Bag

– Pro tip: Pack everything for you and baby in one suitcase! I think with Henry’s birth I had a gigantic tote bag, plus an entire separate one for Henry. I’m not joking, I packed everything in our home last time. The totes were awkward and annoying for Sean to carry (he never said this to me but I could tell it was). Packing in a suitcase this time for both Calvin and I was so much more efficient

-Pack everything in packing cubes! Your husband/boyfriend/baby daddy will be getting everything out of your bag for you and it’s just easier to tell them to grab a certain cube vs “this shirt, this bra, this robe, etc.” I packed all of Calvin’s gowns in one, his going home outfit in another, and my “outfits” all in separate ones

-Setting the vibe: I was SO happy we brought our Hatch sound machine with us. A Momma friend had given me this tip and I will never not have one with us for future births. We had it going the entire time . . . didn’t stop it once while we were there. The light was perfect so we didn’t have to have the harsh overhead lights on, and the sound was loud enough so that we didn’t hear anything that was going on outside of our own room. I am so happy we did that and felt like it really set the tone for our new life together with baby Calvin. It made it feel like we were in our own little world

-Clothes: I’m not one of those Moms that likes to deal with clothes after having a baby. A lot of Moms suggest bringing a robe or gown of your own to the hospital, but I had brought one for Henry’s birth and never used it and knew I wouldn’t use one this time either. I think the only reason I put clothes on this time is because I was cold. I did bring bralettes to wear which I was glad to have. And I had two pairs of pajamas. One was a pair I literally brought to the hospital with Henry. They’re just so comfortable and perfect, couldn’t beat it. And then I splurged on a nice pair of pajamas for our last day there as something to look forward to and feel good in

  • Don’t bring underwear, you’ll go home in the mesh underwear
  • Try to buy dark colored clothes for the hospital because . . . blood
  • Slippers are something a lot of Moms recommend. I packed them and never used them
  • Sandals for the shower. Again, packed and never used

-A long extension cord to reach the bed

-Pillow! The pillows at the hospital suck. A blanket if you want but I didn’t feel like dealing with bringing one

-Toiletries/Skin Care: I’m telling you, your skin is going to feel dehydrated AF after giving birth. Gotta plug the Lumi here because I was so happy to have it afterwards. Bring your MOST hydrating moisturizer. The Moisture Mist was a god send. And I had wanted the Tatcha Lip Mask for a long time and bought it for the hospital. I waited to use it until after having Calvin and it was nice to have something new to treat myself to afterwards 🙂 I also brought my own nipple cream. The hospital has it but I liked using my own. Other than that bring toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, body soap, and a hair brush. Ain’t no way I was washing my hair after just having a baby

-Two things I wish I had packed: My Jade roller because WOW. The muscles in my face had never been so sore in my life. I needed it so badly! And under eye masks! My skin was so dehydrated I would have killed to have my eye masks with me

-And as far as recovery stuff goes, the hospital will have everything you need

Baby’s Bag

-Gowns! Knotted gowns are the only thing we pack for the baby. Anything else is just nonsense. Pack 3 or 4

-Going home outfit. A zip up one piece! Let’s keep it simple people. And a hat too

Pacifiers. Not necessary, and sometimes they say not to introduce babies to pacifiers too early, but it works for us

-We also bring a special swaddle blanket for each babe

Carseat cover ( paparazzi sheild 😉 )


-Don’t pack diapers/wipes/any of that stuff. They will have everything you need


-Pack your own cooler! And make. sure. you. bring. snacks. For real. Bring snacks you enjoy and things you will actually eat. You and your husband will absolutely need them. My favorites from the list above were the jerky, go macro bars, and the heavenly hunks

-I was so glad I packed coconut water and electrolytes! I could not believe the amount of liquids I drank while we were there. It was nice to have those two things to switch it up once in a while from drinking plain water

-With Covid protocols, we could not have any visitors but we were able to order DoorDash/Uber Eats which was super helpful. Our doula picked us up food one day and Sean was able to go outside and grab it from her. Have family/friends drop food off for you!


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